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Generative Trance: The Experience of Creative Flow

Crown House Publishing ltd.


This book explores trance as a vehicle for activating the creative consciousness that brings magic, transformation, and generativity into life. Primary attention is given to how generative states can be skillfully developed in self and others in many ways.


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The Hero's Journey:
A Voyage of Self Dis

by Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts.

Crown House Publishing ltd.

"Hero's Journey: A Voyage of Self Discovery", written with Robert Dilts. This book contains the most recent material on Generative Self, especially in terms of living your life as a great journey of consciousness. Robert and I are very happy with the book, and hope you will get lots of value from it.


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Image of The Courage to Love book cover The Courage to Love

Principles and Practices of Self-Relations Psychotherapy

Published by Norton

The Courage to love emphasizes love as the cornerstone of psychotherapy. This is a book about how psychotherapy may be used to cultivate the courage and freedom to love, in a time when love seems to be fading. $29.00


Image of Therapeutic Trances: The Cooperation Principle in Erickson Hypnotherapy Therapeutic Trances

The Cooperation Principle in Erickson Hypnotherapy

Published by
Routledge Press

Therapeutic Trances is an innovative book that describes the therapeutic use of trance state. It shows how therapists may cooperate with clients to translate problems into solutions. Chapters present a framework for understanding Ericksonian hypnotherapy; associational strategies; practical aspects of trance induction; and more. $80.00


Image The Legacy of Milton Erickson

Selected Papers of Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D

Published by (Zeig, Tucker, Thiesen)
Stephen Gilligan closes his introduction to this collection
of his writings on Milton Erickson with, appropriately enough, a story. When asked how he might repay Dr. Erickson for his generosity over the years, Dr. Erickson said simply, by passing on to others what has been useful.


Image of The Relational Self in Theory, Practice and Community book cover Walking in Two Worlds

The Relational Self in Theory, Practice and Community
Edited by Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D. & Dvorah Simon, Ph.D.

Zeig Tucker Publishers

Self-Relations Therapy is, in part, a synthesis of theory and practice from various prior traditions. However, the approach is more than an amalgam of ideas; rather, SR offers a meta-framework in which multiplicity – of form, meaning, presence, and so on – can be contained within an actively adaptive, aware, and present relational self. $38.00


Image of Trance and Transformation DVD's Trance and the Transformation of Identity (2 DVD set)

A Hypnotherapy Training DVD by Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D

2 DVD's, 244 minutes total

When events happen in a life, whether it be trauma or developmental changes, identity shifts occur. When the identity of a person is no longer what it was and they have not yet fully moved into their new identity, they are in a transition that Gilligan calls "trance". This videotape includes his comments about this occurrence and follows up with two sessions of clinical practice with individuals. $125.00


Image of Self-Relations Psychotherapy DVD's Self-Relations Psychotherapy
(2 DVD set)

Demonstrating the Principles and Practices of Self-Relations Psychotherapy

2 hours 30 minutes total

For the last ten years Steve Gilligan has been developing Self-Relations Psychotherapy. This videotape includes Steve’s comments about the basic ideas and the clinical practice of self -relations therapy. Included are three actual first sessions with individuals with different presenting problems. $105.00


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