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Advanced Creative Mind

Reclaiming the Heart and Soul of Consciousness

A 15-day virtual course with Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D.

Stay tuned for future Advanced CM offerings!

Creative Mind sees reality created by a consciousness immanent within diverse evolutionary levels: Spirit, Nature, Collective Mind, Individual Mind, and Integral Self. In interconnected conversation, a unitary field of creative consciousness emerges; in isolation, with its inherent contraction and disconnection, enduring suffering and problems develop.

In Level 1, we explored how the multiple breakdowns in contemporary times reflect the end of a long-standing period of human-centric consciousness, where the isolated intellect tried to “divide and conquer” the larger world—mind over body, mind abusing nature, patriarchal dominance, and “negative othering”. “More of the same” deepens dissociation and panic, so CM is devoted to cultivating the consciousness and actions that bring creative nonviolence to meet the call for transformation.  There is no “normal” to go back to, only new ways forward.


Level 2 is the next chapter in the CM journey, deepening and building upon  the amazing connections and community created in Level 1.  

Watch the Introductory Webinar About the Advanced CM Program
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The foundations of the CM cosmological vision will be experientially elucidated—the Western visionaries (Pribram, Bohm, Teilhard de Chardin, Gebser, Bateson, Erickson) integrating with non-Western soul-wisdom traditions of African spirituality, nature consciousness, indigenous shamanism, and Buddhism. You will gain a deep practical sense of a consciousness-created world fluid and pulsating, each part containing the whole, the whole harmonizing into a jazz composition, with each note bearing infinite possibilities of meaning, movement, and action.  

We will deepen our dive into CM methods. A core focus will be cultivating a resilient COSMIC state:

  1. Centered

  2. Open to a non-dual field

  3. Subtle awareness, energy, and actions

  4. Musicality...the rhythm, resonance, and repetition of unity, diversity and harmony

  5. Intentional positivity

  6. Connection to center, resources, and positive values

As we are all witnessing, the modern era’s dissociation of mind from heart and soul consciousness is having a tumultuous impact.

The COSMIC state enables reunification of these three centers of generative consciousness: (1) the soul (of being), (2) the heart (of belonging), and the (virtual) mind (of becoming).

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CM is devoted to integrating them anew through a mosaic of mediums: radical embodied cognition, improvisational trance, deep meditation, conversations with nature and ancestors, collective transformation, etc. 


As in Level 1, all of this becomes real in application: deep and powerful individual and collective change, healing traumas of the past, harmonizing relations in the present, imaging and creating a future to which all want to belong. 

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