Generative Change Audio Series


Generative Change Audio Series


About this Series

This audio series by Dr. Stephen Gilligan is a exploration of the tools, models. principles and practices of the Generative Change work.

The series is divided into 4 sections and Part 1 is an overview of the 6 steps of Generative Change, exploring both Generative Coaching and Generative Trance. Part 2 then explores the COACH state through a series of experiential processes for you to work with both for yourself as the practitioner and as tools to explore with your clients. Part 3 is an in-depth look at the underlying principles of Generative Change and Part 4 explores how the Generative Change model can be used in specific applications.  

Who is this series for?  

This audio series is for all practitioners of Dr. Gilligan's work, Practitioners of Generative Coaching and Generative Trance and for anyone who wants to update or refresh their skills and knowledge.  

It's a perfect refresher for past attendees of Dr. Gilligan's workshops and trainings, and for current students to have a working base to develop and enhance their practices outside of the training room. 

It's designed as a deeply practical and experiential learning tool to enhance and deepen your Generative Change work. 

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