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Generative Trance | Trance Camp

Generative Trance is an experiential workshop for those interested in exploring trance and its relevance to creativity and change.


Colloquially known for years as ‘Trance Camp’ this is a fantastic opportunity to work with people from a variety of backgrounds and professions; coaches, therapists, business leaders and people using the tools for personal growth and Transformation.

Generative Trance is a CIMA (Community for Integral Mind and Action) and an IAGC certified program that is offered in many countries worldwide. It constitutes 12-15 days of intensive in-person training. 

Additional International Trance Camp Workshops & Trainings can be viewed on the Workshop Calendar. Locations include Paris, Barcelona, Rahden Germany, Brazil, Tokyo, Guangzhou China and more.

The training is intensive and deep. You will learn a general framework, specific methods of generative trance, and numerous methods for transformational change (e.g., creating positive futures, transforming negative habits and addictions, pain control, positive intimacy, healing childhood wounds, and self-love) Generative Trance sees life as a great journey of consciousness. Many people say this is one of the deepest life experiences they’ve ever had. We welcome you to such a process.

In this film taken from Dr. Gilligan's plenary presentation at the 2018 IAGC conference, he discusses the exact nature of Generative Trance.

Dr. Gilligan starts by tracking how his work is a third generation evolution starting from the world of 'classical' hypnosis moving through Ericksonian hypnosis and into Generative Trance work. He also discusses how—in order to be truly generative—we need to have a conversation between our conscious and unconscious minds. This is something that we can all cultivate in ourselves. The idea that we can all cultivate this 'Generative Self' is at the core of Stephen's work, and provides a way of empowering us to lead creative and fulfilling lives.

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