Opening the Mindfulness Fields (2 recordings short and long).


Opening the Mindfulness Fields (2 recordings short and long).


Opening the Mindfulness Fields: the Three Suggestions of Stillness, Silence, and Spaciousness (29:35) & (14.11)

Including in this package are two versions of this guided trance. 

A longer version of this guided experience to familiarise yourself with this meditiation and to explore it in more depth as you get to experience this trance for yourself.

Also included is a shorter version of this guided meditation, which is a more concise version that you can use as part of a daily practice. 

Buying both together gives you an in-depth exploration of this particular guided trance and gives you the opportunity to hear two different descriptions of the same practice. 

Using both versions is a way to both experience this guided trance in depth and then integrate it into your regular practice.

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