A four part interview with Dr. Gilligan from ChinaTV

We are delighted to be able to share with you this four part interview produced by ChinaTV.

In each part Dr. Gilligan discusses different aspects of Generative Trance, from it’s history, it’s relationship to creativity, how to apply it in intimate relationships with partners and children and the nature of Trance.

It’s fabulously produced set of films joining with a beautiful aesthetic, joining Dr. Gilligan’s words with sounds and images.

We hope you enjoy!

In this first part of this 4 part interview, Dr. Gilligan discusses the evolution of Generative Trance and the naturalistic nature of Trance and Hypnosis
In this second part of a 4 part interview, Dr. Gilligan discusses the creative potential of Generative Trance and how it can be used to create connection.
In this third part of the four part interview Dr. Gilligan discusses how Generative Trance can be used to transform our negative experiences into a way of living a creative life. He goes on to talk about parenting and relationships in order to create a positive connection in your intimate relationships.
In this final part of the four part interview. Dr. Gilligan explores the nature of trance and how Generative Trance can be used for yourself.

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