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Generative Coaching and Trance: The art of sustainable creativity

"Generative Coaching and Trance:

The art of sustainable creativity"


A special workshop with Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D.


Coaching is the process of helping another person to perform at the peak of his or her abilities. It involves drawing out a person’s strengths, helping the person to overcome internal resistances and interferences, and facilitating him or her to function as a part of a team.

The core focus in Generative Coaching is creativity: How do you create a successful and meaningful work life?  How do you create great personal relationships?  How do you develop a great relationship with yourself—your body, your past, your future, your wounds, and your gifts?  These are the basic challenges in leading an extraordinary life, and Generative Coaching offers a way to succeed at them.

This workshop will train students in the 6-step model of Generative Coaching:  (1) Opening a COACH field; (2) Setting intentions/goals; (3) Developing a creative state; (4) Taking action; (5) Transforming obstacles; and (6) Developing practices.  These six steps represent a coherent way to help a client realize their dreams.

The creative process is always a conversation between the “dreamer world” of the creative unconscious and the practical world of the conscious mind.  Thus, a major focus of the training will be how to integrate methods of the “generative trance” work developed by Dr. Gilligan into the coaching process.  Generative trance is not a passive “sleep” experience, but rather an active “awakening” process that connects to deep creative consciousness, in service of practical creative purposes. 

In this course, you will learn how, why, and when to use generative coaching and generative trance to create change in the three general life areas: professional (work) life, personal relationships (intimacy, family, friends), and self-relationship (body image, emotional history, “negative parts”).  We will see how reality is constructed through mind/body maps, and how in generative change work these identity maps can be safely accessed, updated, transformed, or created anew. This changes the unconscious “blueprint” that guides a person in living their life., and generative coaching then guides people to apply these new maps in practical ways. 


This is cutting edge work from one of the major international figures in creative trance work. We are very confident you will find it an exceptional training.