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Emotional Integration

  • NLP Academy Training Centre The Pavilions 35B Brighton Road cr2 6eb United Kingdom (map)

Emotional Integration

27th- 30th April

Croydon, UK


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The journey of deep emotional intelligence through connecting and assimilating cognitive/somatic processes

Rene Descartes infamous quote ‘I think therefore I am’ (1637) set a context for a mind body split which dominated all parts of Western attitudes to health and well being for over 350 years.

Descartes positioned thinking above feeling a notion to which medical profession totally subscribed to and people have since been thinking their way into all sorts of problems and try desperately to think themselves out of the problem to access a logical solution again through thinking.

We know this does not work, as it excludes the feeling, the body feedback expressed as emotions.

The essential element of long term change is to recognise the value in the cognitive processes (thinking) and also the equal value of what is experienced in the body somatically i.e. the feeling that is connected to the thought process and vice versa, the thought that is connected to somatic process of the emotional expression.

By integrating the cognitive and somatic, the illusion of the mind body split no longer exists and you will perform as a ‘whole’ version of yourself and not a split entity which reduces performance and often creates a pronounced loop in the negative emotion which is accentuated through over thinking and downward spiral which is part of the loop.

The integrated self, will have clear feedback from the cognitive and somatic elements of the emotion, producing self awareness and a high level of emotional intelligence.

At this unique course you will:

  • Develop high levels of awareness of the presence of emotions in significant experiences

  • Explore the meaning / value of different emotions in different contexts

  • Learn that emotions can be positive or negative, depending on cognitive relationship

  • Recognise negative emotions can create symptoms, poor performance, and unhappiness

  • Learn how to recognise the message in the symptom and create positive experience through the message leading to a positive experience

  • Learn and experience positive emotions have the opposite effect, creating high performance

  • The workshop will focus on how to skill fully create positive emotions, with special emphasis on transforming negative emotions into positive resources

  • You will learn how to create and use these emotions in yourself and others, in both personal and professional contexts