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Generative Change Audio Series

Generative Change Audio Series


I developed this audio series as a comprehensive description and exploration of the Generative Change work that Robert Dilts and I have developed over the past several decades.  It contains 4 basic parts of GC work—the 6-step model for creative change; multiple ways to develop the experiential COACH state needed for everything to work; an intensive exploration of the core competencies needed to do GC work; and a set of experiential applications.  The audios have conceptual overviews and outlines, followed by experiential processes, usually completed by summary statements.  

I am really happy with how this Generative Change work has been unfolding in many countries and cultures around the world.  Often we go in and do some training, but then leave—even if the training is an extended certification.  Also, there are many places we can’t get to directly. In order to develop one’s competencies and also benefit from the potential for personal transformation, we need further mediums and modalities.  I created this intensive audio study program as a way for people to really go deeper into the work, both personally and professionally….and to make the work available to people everywhere.  

In doing the work around the world, I am most impressed how the shared human being everywhere—the longings, excitements, hunger, generative unfolding—are deeper than any differences.  Sometimes people ask  if it’s difficult to teach in other countries.  My answer is that it isn’t…once the work is happening, the differences yield to a deeper unity of human connection. It sort of feeling like different pieces find a common connection, and something awakens from that.  I felt that in navigating this project, and it’s a rewarding feeling.  

  • Part 1: The Six Steps of Generative Change

    In Part 1, Dr. Gilligan outlines the core elements of Generative Change through exploring the 6-step model of  Generative Change (Step 1- Establish COACH Field; Step 2- Set  intention/goals; Step 3- Develop a Generative State; Step 4-  Walk the path/ Take Action; Step 5- Transform Obstacles; Step 6- Develop Generative Practices).

    You will be experientially taken through the 6-step model using the methodologies of both  Generative Coaching and Generative Trance  

    Topics covered in Part 1:  

    • Introduction

    • 6 Steps of Generative Change; Generative Trance

    • 6 Steps of Generative Change; Generative Coaching

    • Summary


  • Part 2: Developing the Coach State

    t the core of the Generative Change model is the idea of maintaining a COACH (positive creativity) state both as the coach/therapist and for and with the client.

    Dr. Gilligan explores 8 different COACH methodologies in this Part of the Series. Each is split into an introductory explanation of the tool, then the experiential process with some having post process commentary. 

    Topics covered in Part 2:

    • Introduction

    • Heaven/ Earth (Vertical Axis)

    • Positive Memory Revivification

    • 3 Mindfulness Drops

    • Aiki Principles

    • Sensory Awareness (Mrs Erickson Process)

    • Energy Ball

    • 3 Point Attention

    • 5 Generative self suggestions

    • Summary

  • Part 3: Mastering Core Practices

    Part 3 explores the principles of tools of Generative Change. Each topic is covered in depth so that you can get a richer, fuller understanding of how to utilise Generative Change in a skilful and embodied way.

    All of these principles are at the heart of the Generative Change Model and this gives you a unique opportunity to explore how they underpin the Generative Change methodology.

    It's also useful as a way to review this material as presented in a new way outside of a workshop/training environment and as a way of practicing mastering these principles at work. 

    Topics covered in  Part 3:

    • Introduction

    • Somatic Modelling

    • Somatic Centering

    • 4 Connections of a Generative Relationship

    • Self Rating Scales

    • Goals in 3 Modalities

    • 3 Positive Connections

    • 4 Relational Mantras

    • Goal-Obstacle-Resource Triad

    • Archetypal Energies

    • Tetra Lemma

    • Keeping the Client Connected]

    • When the Coach Feels Stuck

    • Further Practices

    • Summary

  • Part 4: Applications of Generative Change Work

    In this last part of this series Dr. Gilligan explores how the Generative Change model can be applied in various applications. Each of these topics is divided into an introduction then as an experiential process.

    Topics covered in  Part 4:

    • Introduction

    • Moving towards a positive feature using your vulnerabilities

    • Light Trance Identification with a Positive Model

    • Transforming Pain

    • Sleeping Soundly

    • Community of Resources

    • Changing Negative Habits

    • Healing Intimacy Wounds

    • Trans-generational Lineages

    • Summary