The International Association for Generative Change (IAGC)

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Find our all about the International Association of Generative Change (IAGC) from founders Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts

The IAGC is the training organization developed by Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts to advance the 'Generative Change' work they have developed.


The IAGC has regional centers in the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, Japan, China, Russia and the USA. The IAGC is the body that certifies practitioners in Generative Change work and is a member organization for professionals who work with the Generative Change models. To find out more see the link at the bottom of this page. 

What is Generative Change? 

To “generate” means to create something new. The core focus of Generative Change is creativity: How do you create a successful and meaningful work life? How do you create great personal relationships? How do you develop a great relationship with yourself—your body, your past, your future, your wounds and your gifts? These are the basic challenges in leading an extraordinary life, and the processes of generative change offer a way to succeed at them.

Developed by Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts as a product of their combined years of expertise, Generative Change brings together the best of therapy and coaching. ‘Generative Change’ is the process of creating something beyond what has yet existed. It is not merely a cosmetic change, but a deep contextual shift that allows new levels of mastery. Generative change techniques assume that we construct our reality through personal and perceptual filters, and that this creative process can be mindfully engaged for positive outcomes. To do this, a person’s state of consciousness is the difference that makes the difference. Generative change processes teach you how to build the generative states, for yourself and others, needed to transform (“imagineer”) dreams into reality. These processes then focus on how to maintain these states in dealing with whatever challenges and obstacles arise on one’s journey, so that new and meaningful results can occur.

The mission of the IAGC is to bring  Generative Change work to the world. We want to see a world where coaches, psychotherapists, leaders, teachers, trainers and entrepreneurs are living principles of Generative Change and are creating a world to which people want to belong.

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