Generative Coaching (3-5 Day Workshop)

Coaching is the process of helping another person to perform at the peak of his or her abilities.

It involves drawing out that person’s strengths, helping the person to overcome internal resistances and interferences, and facilitating him or her to function as a part of a team.

Historically, coaching has been typically focused toward achieving incremental improvement with respect to a specific behavioral performance. Generative coaching, however, involves helping people evolve at an identity level and achieve outcomes that are completely new.

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Systemic Trance : A New Evolution in Generative Change Work

This new training in Systemic Trance Work (STW) synthesizes generative trance, especially integrating mindfulness and somatic-based consciousness, with systemic work involving multi-level identity systems.

Generative Trance is seen as a fluid and powerful mind-body state where self-identity is created and transformed. STW sees these identity systems as holons—identities that are whole at one level, but just a part of a larger whole at the next higher level.   This dual-level sensitivity requires skills of aesthetic intelligence—that is, harmonizing all the parts of an identity field to create an extraordinary performance.

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Self-relations Intensive

These 4-day personal development courses are held in Dr. Gilligan’s office in Encinitas California. Limited to 9 people, they are intimate, transformational events. 

Each person has an opportunity to do a 2-3 hour piece of core work directly with Dr. Gilligan in the middle of the group. In addition, Dr. Gilligan offers mini-talks and group trance and hypnotic experiences.

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Generative Presence

Coaching Personal Connection In Self And Others

Living a creative and fulfilling life requires the capacity to be fully present and connected with one’s self and others.  This skill is central to success in intimacy relationships, family life, professional communication, business relationships, and various aspects of social life.

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Generative Leadership

How to remain connected and creative in times of crisis and change.

One of the most important set of skills required in a changing world are the skills of leadership. Leadership can be defined as the capability to: “express a vision, influence people to achieve results, encourage team cooperation, and be an example.” Leadership is often about “going first,” and influencing others as much by one’s actions as by one’s words. This requires choosing a direction to go and having the courage and energy to move quickly.

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Integrating Somatic Intelligence in High Performance Teams

Growing as a team and in team performance through only cognitive interventions is like swimming without water: it gets very dry …!

High Team Performance in terms of generating new results, human excellence and following the ecologies of mind, body and soul demands mindful perception and action on multiple levels. Somatics is based on the understanding that the spirit, mind, body, self and rationality are inextricably linked; to grow one, you must cultivate the others. Creatively performing from all these sources as individual AND as a team is the purpose of this newly created experiential workshop. Through cutting edge methodology, integrating Generative Change Work, Somatics and Generative Group Dynamics, you go on an experiential learning journey on the interface of individual and collective self. 

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From Trauma to Transformation

Working With Negative Experiences In Self-Relations Therapy

A Special 2-Day Workshop with Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D.

For the past 30 years, Dr. Gilligan has been teaching and practicing innovative approaches in both Ericksonian and Self-Relations psychotherapy. This workshop presents his most recent model of Generative Self, and how it can be used in healing traumas and transforming negative experiences.

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