Ericksonian hypnosis

How to create a happy and successful life

A special 2-day workshop with

Dr. Stephen Gilligan

This special 2-day workshop focuses on how to use the hypnosis techniques of the legendary Milton Erickson to create positive success and happiness in all areas of life—your work,  your personal relationships, and your relationship with your self.   The first day will teach  you how to become best friends with your unconscious mind, so you can develop the calm,  creative state needed for success.  You will learn how hypnosis can help you set positive goals, envision successful plans of action, and take action to make them real.   WE will see how trance can help you move through the 3 stages in success—Dreamer, Realist, and Positive Critic.

The second day focuses on how to creatively transform problems into positve resources.  Problems and obstacles are inevitable and central parts of any creative process, so how you relate to these problems is one of the most important questions in your life.  You will learn how tochange negative energies—such as inner critical voices, angry people, and fears--into positive resources,  seeing how to take a positive, confident attitude toward problems.  

Dr. Gilligan was one of the main students of the famous Dr. Milton Erickson, the best hypnotherapist of all time, and he will share stories about Erickson’s life, as well as his special techniques that helped so many people all over the world. Taken together, the two days will give you a clear, deep, practical sense of how you can increase your success and happiness in many ways.  You can expect to leave the workshop in a very positive state!


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