Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D. 

Welcome to the website of Dr. Stephen Gilligan, the developer of Generative Change.  We invite you to look around and discover something about the magic and possibilities of this work!

What is Generative Change?

Generative change means creating something beyond what has ever existed, whether in personal or professional life.

At the heart of this process is attention to a person’s (or group’s) state as the core difference that makes a difference; that is, the creative outcomes are only as good as the underlying state. 


The Generative Change Audio Series

A 4 part audio series has over 10 hours of content exploring the tools, models, principles and practices of Generative Change

This series is a perfect refresher for past attendees of Dr. Gilligan's workshops and trainings who want to explore the Generative Change model and for current students to have a working base to develop and enhance their learnings outside of the training room.

Whether you are a Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner of Generative Change, or you are looking to explore the model for the first time this is a key resource to help you deepen your understand of the Generative Change methodology


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