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I did my undergraduate work in psychology at UC Santa Cruz, where I met Bateson, Bandler, Grinder, and Milton Erickson, the great psychiatrist/hypnotherapist. In his shamanic way, Erickson initiated me into anima mundi, the soul of the world, and its luminous interconnected mosaic. I then earned my Ph.D. at Stanford University in research psychology. From there I’ve been practicing, writing, teaching as a psychotherapist/coach, always looking for ways to absorb the countless contradictions and struggles of consciousness into generative integration.


My extensive travel and teaching in different cultures over the past decades has illuminated the infinite shapes and forms of people but, even deeper, that our shared humanity is much deeper. This experience seems especially vital now, as old forms crumble and differences are pushed ever closer together. I know now that the journey is about feeling the deeper wave of consciousness that can hold and heal the brokenness and possibilities of the world.

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B.A., Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1977

Ph.D., Psychology, Stanford University, 1983


Psychologist (California PSY 11735)


American Psychological Association


Lifetime Achievement Award, Milton Erickson Foundation, 2004

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