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CIMA Professional Membership

Professional membership in the Community for Integral Mind and Action (CIMA) offers the following benefits:
  • A professional identity (Coaching Certification and logo use)
  • Training and skill development to impact personal, societal, and planetary transformation
  • Teaching opportunities within and outside of the CIMA community
  • Access to CIMA teaching materials and video library
  • Personal and professional visability
  • An international network of kindred spirits and cross-discipline experts to interact with, collaborate with, and share thoughts and insights
  • Participation and decision making in the planning and outreach of the Community for Integral Mind and Action Community
How to Become a Member
  • Have received certification in Creative Mind, Generative Trance, or Generative Coaching in the past five years, i.e., 2018 or later or
  • Completion of upcoming 2024 CIMA Certification Program (See Program Description) or
  • Future CIMA Certification in Generative Trance, Creative Mind, Hero's Journey, or Generative Coaching (See Certification Descriptions)

Stay Tuned!
Membership Will Be Made Available Soon!

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