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Let's Talk About Relationships, Congruence, and Making Contact

A Day-Long Course With Eva Wieprecht

July 7, 2023 | 10:00-17:00
"In sameness we connect; in differences we grow."
"The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships."

~ Virginia Satir

As human beings we begin through the naval court intimately connected with another being and stay as social animals wired for connection. We know ourselves through the connection with significant others. They help us grow and through them we learn how to have our essential needs met to survive and grow. Relationships of our past have shaped to a great extend who we are in important relationships and what skills we still use to have our needs met. Some of these learned skills serve us very well and some of them are in the way of feeling safely connected and uniquely appreciated and loved for who we are. 


The Generative Systemic Satir Model is a next generation approach, based on the developments of the great mother of family therapy Virginia Satir, complemented by generative trance (developed by Dr. Stephen Gilligan), body centered approaches (based on the developments of Peter Levin, Dance Therapy and our own developments known as Somatic Movement Integration Practices) as well as neuro scientific understandings (based on developments of Daniel Siegel and Iain McGilchrist ) that offers hands on tools and processes to unpack and experience the above.

The core idea of the work is to help people to:
  • Make true contact with self and significant others
  • ​Understand more fully and on a practical level what happens when we "fall out of true contact" and land back in our family trances (learned in our family of origin)
In that sense we experientially explore how to nurture moments of true connection, including making connection through congruent sexuality (making contact practices). Based on Virginia Satir's notion "awareness leads to choice," we equally want to detect and carve out moments of awareness:
  • When true connections to self and others are blocked
  • Understand how they get blocked
  • What we can practically do to move beyond them
Virginia Satir created a number of healing and integrating processes to help make sense of ourselves and each other. Her objectives were personal growth and congruent communication, helping individuals to become "more fully human." This involves appreciating our past and the resources we developed as we grew up.

The experiential processes provided by the training program give participants the opportunity to have both personal and professional growth.
You will gain awareness and gain experience and practical knowledge on:
  • The "in-between" of people communicating and interacting with one another,
  • Explore me-you-we MWE moments,
  • The meeting point of how we develop high quality relationship skills,
  • More understanding about your own risks and possibilities in making true contact,
  • Own impacts and contributions in the quality of our relationships,
  • Increase the quality of your relationships of all walks of life: Family, spouse, coworkers, colleagues, bosses, etc.,
  • Tools and Models developed by V. Satir that will help you to have a step-by-step understanding about the space.

The course leader will utilize lectures, small group discussions, exercises, demonstrations, experiential learning and skill practice sessions as part of the program.


Satir processes incorporate psychodrama, gestalt, guided imagery, sculpting communication stances, and methods of accessing the unconscious.

The work is done in groups and in triads.


The process will be complemented by a somatic movement integration processes that allows a bottom up learning experience to surface unconscious learning patterns stored in the body and develop new patterns.


This Program is for practicing coaches, therapists and for other helping professionals who are presently working with clients as well as people interested in personal growth to update and upgrade own relationship skills as well as learning tools and practices on how to educate others in updating and upgrading their relationship competencies.

About Eva
Eva works globally with a special expertise in systemic family therapy for businesses and families as well as body-focused approaches as a Systemic Satir Model expert; facilitator of Somatic Movement Integration Practices (SMIP) work; a hypnosystemic trainer and coach; as well as a Generative Trance and Self-relations Coach. She provides her work in German as well as in English. She is the founder and director of The International Virginia Satir Institute in Germany, Cologne. Her pioneer work in translating the Satir Principles as well as the generative change work into movement explorations, universal movement and dances like the (COACH dance, CRASH dance, 7 Step dance,…) has globally rolled out and inspired many colleagues.
About Virginia Satir
Virginia Satir (1916-1988) was an internationally known therapist (referred to by many as "the pioneer of family therapy"), teacher, and author. Her books, Peoplemaking and Conjoint Family Therapy, are two of the central texts of humanistic psychology. Virginia was universally acknowledged as one of the most powerful and effective therapists of the century. Throughout a career spanning some forty-five years, she developed systemic ways of helping people grow and change. Satir held high hopes and great enthusiasm for the ability of the human spirit to make this world a better place to live. Her vision was to help empower people to reach their full potential. Virginia's approach is a primary source and foundation of many well-known approached today, like NLP, Positive Psychology, Constellation Work, just to name a few.
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