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Generative Coaching Volume 2: Enriching the Steps to Creative and Sustainable Change
Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts (Authors), Design and Illustrations by Antonio Meza

We live in times of unprecedented change, with many deep calls for positive evolution and transformation. Generative Coaching is a response to those calls. It describes how our realities arise and fall, like waves on an ocean, and how we can skillfully navigate those waves to generate deeper happiness and success.

Generative Coaching Volume 1 detailed the basic prototype of our six-step method by which this can be coached in ourselves and others. This second volume explores a more advanced version of the method, describing how to help clients use their own core patterns-both positive and negative-to open a resilient creative state in which many sustainable changes can be generated. 

The heart and soul of Generative Coaching is the creative consciousness that seamlessly connects all of life. Aligned with that integral awareness, we can mindfully unfold worlds to which we all want to belong.

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