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CIMA Generative Coaching Certification Fee

CIMA Generative Coaching Certification Fee


Certification fee for Practitioner of Generative Coaching Certification within the CIMA organization to be paid only after you have completed all certification criteria


Generative Trance Basic Certification is granted through the International Association of Generative Change (IAGC) -- the joint organization developed by Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D. and Robert Dilts. People who want to receive CIMA Certification in Generative Coaching can do so by completing the CIMA 1-Day Introduction to Integral Mind & Action and the 4-Day Generative Coaching module. This 4-day CIMA Generative Coaching module can be taken instead of the IAGC Module 1. Certification through the CIMA organization is separate from the IAGC-issued certification.

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