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Introduction to Integral Mind and Action 5-Module Video Series

Introduction to Integral Mind and Action 5-Module Video Series


There are two forms of intelligence in each of us -- one which has a verbal, left hemisphere orientation; and another which is non-verbal, creative and has a right brain orientation. 


Integral mind provides new ways of synthesizing these two languages of consciousness so that each completes and supports the other. From this synthesis, new possibilities and forms of transformation are made available.


Integral Mind and Action springs from all the different modalities that I have been working with over the past 50+ years. 


  • It is an integration of my Generative Trance work which came forth out of my association with Dr. Milton Erickson.
  • It also incorporates the Generative Coaching work that I have developed with my dear friend and collaborator, Robert Dilts.
  • The Hero's Journey, first developed over 75 years ago by Joseph Campbell, the American Mythologist, which I have incorporated into my own work is also included.
  • And lastly, it includes Creative Mind that I most recently developed in response to the multiple eruptions of consciousness that we've seen planet-wide over the last 10 years.


This course consists of five Chapters that will take you into the heart of Integral consciousness... to a generative self that makes possible transformation on personal, community, and planetary levels. 


Course Benefits

  • Study and experience at your own pace

  • Forever 'green' course - you can visit and use the videos for a very long time

  • Each Session includes a video lecture and guided process with Stephen to take you on your way 

  • Downloadable audio files and PDF files for all lectures and guided processes 

  • Talk with others via the Activity Feed to share your questions, experiences, and learnings

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