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Three Point Attention Method (2 versions combined)

Three Point Attention Method (2 versions combined)


In this package there are two different versions of the 3 point attention guided trance. (23.52) & (17.39). Both of these trances have the bringing awareness into the hands in common, although in practice they offer a double description of this guided meditation. 


Version 1 of the 3 point attention is taken from our 2015 San Diego Trance Camp, 

In this version of the Trance, Stephen invites you to 'take some time for me now', with the further invitation to find a release to any people, places or things that you may have 'hooked yourself into' and need some release from,


It offers you a chance to reset your energy from any context that you are chronically caught it up in order to find your way back 'home'.

The invitation in this trance is to 'bring yourself back through yourself'.

It is a fantastic way to help you bring yourself back into your somatic center while releasing any fixed or trapped relationships. 


In the second version Stephen simply uses a somatic method of moving attention between 'your two hands' and then the space between them. 


This practice is embedded in the kinesthetic awareness, with concentration and awareness very much being placed into the body as a primary focus.

This version is a more content free version of the 3 point attention and can be used to deepen your everyday practices as a way of opening up your awareness field or as another way of practicing releasing your trapped connections into the world.

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