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Trance Camp 2023 Week 1 Audio

Trance Camp 2023 Week 1 Audio



Trance Camp 2023 - Week 1 "Generative Trance: A Method for Sustainable Transformation."

Information about your download:

When your payment has been approved, you will receive two emails: one from Wix (payment receipt), and one from Stephen Gilligan that contains your download link/s.  If you do not see the email from Stephen Gilligan, please check your spam folder!

Download links are valid for one week. Please be patient when downloading as these are large files.

IMPORTANT: We offer these MP3 recordings for use from your computer. Many smartphones, tablets, etc. (especially Apple products) require additional processing to use on these devices. Our recommendation is to download them to your computer and then with competent technical skill, move them to your other devices.



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