Accommodations & Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Attend?

Trance Camp is designed for both personal development and professional application. Many people are in the helping professions; others are primarily there for personal development. The work assumes that to help others connect with their creative imagination, you must first be able to do it within yourself. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Thus, Trance Camp is a highly experiential workshop where deep personal transformation is possible—many people have shared that Trance Camp changed their lives. It also helps you deepen your capacity to help others to also have “trance-formative” experiences. Thus, each day includes presentations by Dr. Gilligan, as well as group trances, demonstrations, practice exercises, and group discussion and sharing. You will learn by listening, watching, going inside and experiencing, practicing with partners, and integrating with the group. 

One of the best parts of Trance Camp is how multi-cultural it is. We have people attending from cultures around the world, making it an exceptional learning community. For example, the approximately 50 people from last year’s TC were from over 20 countries! Among at least half the people, English is not their “mother tongue;” but no worries, we speak the human language of creative connection, and encourage people to blend different languages in the trance work with others. (Most people report this is one of the best parts of the work!) So your English doesn’t have to be perfect…just come prepared for human connection.

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Where is Trance Camp Held?

All the workshops will be held at the historic Rancho Bernardo Inn in Rancho Bernardo, CA. It is located about 30 minutes northeast of downtown San Diego, and is a beautiful and small family-owned resort with swimming pools, tennis courts, golf course, spa, and other recreational activities.


The meeting room is superb, the sleeping rooms are recently refurbished and exceptional, and the grounds are amazing. It is an ideal location for an intimate event such as Trance Camp.

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All of our reserved, special rate rooms have been taken. Feel free to contact the hotel to see if any rooms are available at their regular price.

At this time, you will now need to find your own accommodations.

What About IACG Generative Trance Certification?

Trance Camp is designed for both personal development and IAGC Certification in Generative Trance. The first two weeks (12 days) of Trance Camp constitute the IAGC Basic Certification Course in Generative Trance.  (Additional requirements include testing and completed session work.) The IAGC is the training organization developed by Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D. and Robert Dilts. It should be noted that the requirements for licensing (and advertising) one’s self as a hypnotherapist vary by country and state/province.

Is Pricing Discounted if I Attend Multiple Weeks?

Yes! See the chart below:

Week 1 Only
Week 2 Only
Week 3 Only
Weeks 1 & 2
Weeks 2 & 3
All 3 Weeks